what noises remain


what noises remain brings Shakespeare’s iconic play, The Tempest, into the sonic world of percussive rustles, supernatural electronic sound, miniature video projections, and constrained gesture. Composer Peter Swendsen and percussionist Jennifer Torrence’s follow-up collaboration, What Noises Remain, is a “new media opera” involving narrative elements, text, music, and imagery. What Noises Remain is an an archeological dig, a musical narrative, an expression of confinement, control, and ultimately, wonder.

what noises remain is commissioned by Jennifer Torrence and funded by the Arts Council Norway; Research & Development is funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and the Norwegian Academy of Music.

World Premiere: September 2016, Oberlin, USA.


Peter Swendsen, electronics & composition (live performer)

Jennifer Torrence, percussion (live performer)

Amy Miller, video dance

Asha Tamirisa, video

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen, scenography consultant


1 hour without intermission